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Based in Wiltshire, our NPCT qualified tree surgeons can safely remove dangerous trees from your site.

Trees are an asset to many urban homeowners for aesthetics, environmental purposes and property value. Keep your trees if you can but be proactive to ensure that they are healthy and safe. If your tree does not look healthy or you’re living beneath a tree which appears to be in bad condition, it will give you peace of mind to get it checked by qualified arborists. Anything from a strong gust of wind or days of heavy rain can cause risks. It’s a good idea to check your trees regularly, perhaps after every season change, to ensure that it remains in good form.

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Trees which are dangerous often show tell-tale signs and symptoms and you can check the following yourself:
Is it leaning? Are there any dead branches? Is the leaf cover quite thin? Are some leaves dropping earlier than the rest? Are there sections of the tree where no leaves are present at all?  If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, we would advise you to get the experts in from Touchwood Tree Surgery. We offer a safe, reliable tree removal service. If there’s a hazardous tree, our NPTC qualified tree surgeons can safely remove it from the site.

We will be able to carry out a full examination of the tree and determine the best course of action. The analysis focuses on 4 zones of a tree:

  1. The overall tree
  2. Ground inspection
  3. Trunk inspection (including multi-stemmed tree trunks)
  4. Canopy inspection

We are fully trained to recognise the needs of your trees and potential hazards. Doing our best to preserve your trees rather than fell them, we will be able to advise you of the best route to take. If you’re in the Wiltshire or Maidenhead area and are concerned about a tree which you feel is potentially dangerous, don’t hesitate to contact Touchwood Tree Surgery of Berkshire and we’ll put your mind at rest.