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Our Emergency Response Service

Here at Touchwood Tree Surgery, we’ve been providing our services in and around Wiltshire for many years. As the business has expanded, we’ve taken on more responsibilities and duties and now offer a wider variety of services to our customers. Our main focus is all about tree surgery and everything that surrounds and relates to [...]

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Give Your Garden a Summer Clean with Touchwood Tree Surgery

Summer tends to be the time when people care about their garden most. It’s the time when you typically spend more time there, and perhaps invite guests, and you want to keep it looking as nice and clean and tidy as possible. One way to do this, is to get rid of any dead or [...]

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How Pruning Encourages Growth

When it comes to plants, such as trees, hedges and shrubbery, pruning is something that is vitally important to their health, but can sometimes be slightly overlooked. Pruning is a key factor in maintaining healthy growth and keeping the plant in its best condition at all times. Without pruning, your plant can suffer the negative [...]

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How You Know When a Tree Needs Removing

Although it may not be something you typically think about, knowing when a tree needs to be removed can be of vital importance. This could determine future safety and maybe even prevent any long term damage. Aside from that, it can make the area look a whole lot better and healthier and allow a new [...]

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Site Clearance: Is it Time to Make a Change?

Are you faced with unwanted trees or vegetation around your property? At Touchwood Tree Surgery, one of the things we specialise in is site clearance. This means that if you require the removal of any trees or vegetation, no matter the reason behind it, we can come and do the job for you. And not [...]

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