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How Pruning Encourages Growth

When it comes to plants, such as trees, hedges and shrubbery, pruning is something that is vitally important to their health, but can sometimes be slightly overlooked. Pruning is a key factor in maintaining healthy growth and keeping the plant in its best condition at all times. Without pruning, your plant can suffer the negative impacts, and may stop growing properly or be affected by disease. So, at Touchwood Tree Surgery, we encourage regular pruning, and we wanted to share with you a little but of information about it to help you see how it can improve and encourage growth.

What is pruning

First of all, what actually is pruning? Well, to put it into simple terms, it basically means cutting down and getting rid of any dead or overgrown parts of trees, plants or hedges to keep them consistently healthy and in good condition. As a result of doing this, it encourages continuous growth of the plant. The main thing to understand about pruning is that it gets rid of any unwanted parts and ensures that its kept as healthy as it can be at all times. It can dispose of any infected roots and prevent disease, which in the long term could really harm your plant and stop growth all together.

When should pruning take place

If you’re going to partake in pruning, realistically it needs to be done on a regular basis, however it does depend on the plant. For some plants, pruning is best done in certain seasons, whereas others just need doing when they get a bit overgrown, and some need to be done continually with tools such as hand pruners or shears. To know when you should be pruning your plants, research the kind of plant it is to see when it benefits most from being trimmed down and how regularly it needs to be done.

How it encourages growth

Pruning is a great way of keeping up maintenance and looking after your plants. It maintains the health and restricts it from overgrowing. When you trim down the overgrown parts and any dead of infected sections of the plant, it exposes the roos to more air and light which in itself is a huge factor for growth. Although the plant gets air and light anyway, it’s very much amplified when it’s trimmed down and more open to the exposure. Furthermore, when you prune your plants it gets rid of any dead parts and lessens the chance of disease spreading, so that this doesn’t become an obstacle and prevent healthy growth.

If you’d like to know more about pruning and how it can encourage growth, or you’d like a bit of help with it yourself, get in touch with us today on 07958 993702 and we will be more than happy to help.

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