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How You Know When a Tree Needs Removing

Although it may not be something you typically think about, knowing when a tree needs to be removed can be of vital importance. This could determine future safety and maybe even prevent any long term damage. Aside from that, it can make the area look a whole lot better and healthier and allow a new and healthy tree to grow in its place.

Here are a few ways to know if a tree should be removed…

It’s becoming a danger to the area around it

The most significant way to realise that a tree needs to be removed, is if it is becoming a danger to the area around it. Is it a potential threat? Could it cause any kind of disruption? One of the most common ways to spot that it is capable of causing trouble, is if there’s opportunity for it to fall on things, such as power lines, homes, people, cars etc. Perhaps it’s leaning to one side, or becoming very old, weak and unsteady. Any of these signs provide good reason to get in touch with a qualified tree surgeon who can then judge whether or not the tree really is a danger and if it should be taken down.

It’s dying or unhealthy

This can sort of tie in with the point above. When a tree is dying or unhealthy, it could become a danger to the surrounding area. It means that the tree could be weakening and eventually come down, or may be susceptible to damage in bad weather. Furthermore, it a tree is dying or unhealthy, sometimes that’s a good enough reason in itself to remove it and allow a new one to grow that is going to be healthier and also safer for the location.

Is it touching a property?

If you are aware of a tree that is touching a property, perhaps your own, you should contact a professional to get their opinion on it. This can sometimes be hazardous but more so a pain for you. If a tree is touching your home, like against your roof, this could eventually cause damage. For example, this would mean sunlight is blocked from your home, which could eventually cause mold inside, and nobody wants that!

Now these are only a few indicators as to how you can tell when a tree should be removed. We are a highly experienced team here at Touchwood Tree Surgery and are always happy to help. If you’ve spotted any of the things mentioned above, or are concerned about something else, get a licensed tree surgeon to check and assess the situation. On the other hand, you may just want to talk to someone for a little more advice. If this is the case, get in touch with us today on 0782 599 4246.

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