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Gardening Tips for Summer

This summer has been one of the best we’ve had in years in terms of good weather, and this makes for the perfect time to get your gardening sorted and everything looking tip top. Preparing and maintaining your garden for the summer can really pay off. This is the time when your plants and trees excel because of the sun and humidity. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help them along. By following the tips in this blog, you can contribute towards keeping your plants healthy this summer!

So, here are a few of the gardening tips that we’d recommend.

Look after your soil

You need good soil to allow the roots of your plants to develop and grow at a faster and healthy pace. Good soil means that the water and nutrients can spread through to all the roots and therefore feed your plants. You can keep your soil in good condition by using fertilisers. This improves the availability of nutrients so that your plants are always getting enough and are staying healthy.

Keep the weeds away

Weeds are always going to grow and get in the way, and they can be a bit of an eye sore. Keep your weeds under control this summer by having them removed and putting the correct detterrants in place in order to prevent more from growing. One tool you could use to keep weeds away, are weed mats. These suppress the weeds and therefore keep them out of the way. Cultivating is also great for effective weed control. It means removing weeds from your garden as well as loosening the soil to help and ease up the spreading of water, nutrients and air.

Remove dead foliage

Some plants get dead foliage after time, however it’s important that when they do, you remove them immediately. This will prevent it from spreading to other plants and killing them too. It also keeps your garden looking good and means the rest of your plants aren’t at risk of anything harmful!

Water your plants regularly

Now this seems a little obvious. Of course, it’s always important to water your plants, but significantly more so in the summer. If you have things like hanging baskets, you should really water these daily throughout the summer to ensure long life and help them thrive. On the other hand, with garden plants you should look at watering them at least once a week, but more if you’re able to when the weather is hot. Water is extremely important as it helps plants to keep cool by making the soil stay moist. This prevents them from overheating in the warm weather.

Keep your grass trimmed down

Summer is the time when we need to be a little less lazy when it comes to mowing the lawn. During winter, we can sometimes get away with letting the grass get a little overgrown, but definitely not this time of year. You should cut the grass regularly and keep it trimmed down. Not only does this look better but it’s also good for the soil and compost underneath as it exposes them to more sunlight.

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