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Our Emergency Response Service

Here at Touchwood Tree Surgery, we’ve been providing our services in and around Wiltshire for many years. As the business has expanded, we’ve taken on more responsibilities and duties and now offer a wider variety of services to our customers. Our main focus is all about tree surgery and everything that surrounds and relates to this. With our highly experienced team, we always try to carefully consider the common issue and risks that our audience face when it comes to trees, and one of the biggest ones is the effects from poor weather conditions. This tends to come quite unexpectedly and so the results can be difficult to handle. Because of this, we wanted to create an emergency response service, whereby we can deal with problems like this straight away and take away any stress or worries that the client may have.

Why you might need emergency response

The outcome of severe weather conditions is always very unpredictable, and so sometimes there’s nothing you can do to be prepared or prevent a problem from occurring. Quite often during these bad weather conditions, damage to trees, branches, and the area on and around your property can be victim to some pretty serious damage. Therefore, having an emergency response service deals with whatever the problem is immediately and removes any dangers or risks.
Something we specialise in here at Touchwood Tree Surgery, is site clearance. This comes in handy when we’re called for emergency response, as this is quite often the kind of procedure that we need to follow. For example, a bad storm may cause fallen branches and trees that need to be removed from roads, or from your property or vehicles.

How is the response carried out?

This all depends on the problem that has been caused, however the thing that remains consistent throughout any procedure is that we do things quickly, safely and efficiently. For example, if there are fallen branches and trees around your property, we will assess the situation and the area and decide on the safest and best way to remove this and reduce risk of any further damage.
In these situations, it is common for people to panic. We provide this service so that that isn’t necessary, as we will work calmly to erase the problem and will leave the area clean, safe and tidy. The biggest priority for us is making the area safe and the client happy, and getting everything back to normal.

If you are ever in need of emergency tree removal or encounter a sudden problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by giving us a call on 07958 993702 or 01753 864762, or alternatively, you can send an email to Touchwoodtim@gmail.com and our team will be on hand ASAP to help you with the problem.

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