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4 Ways to Keep Trees Healthy

Ensuring that a tree is healthy can prevent many issues further down the line, however most of the time, trees can look after themselves just fine. This goes from growing a tree right from the start, to the maintenance of a fully grown tree. How do they stay healthy?


As with any plant, trees need water to grow. Realistically, trees should have gallons of water every single week in order to continue healthy growth, however this tends to happen naturally through rainfall. We should never get too involved and interfere with nature and should let things happen in their own way. Generally speaking we can trust that rainfall will keep this covered and assist any tree throughout its lifetime, however if you really suspect that it’s not getting enough water, you can take matters into your own hands and water it yourself. Finding the right balance is very important, though. Trees need enough water and care to stay healthy, but you shouldn’t overdo it, just let the tree grow naturally and in its own ways.

Let it do its own thing

Trees are very much capable of growing themselves naturally, so while you should keep track of progress and care, it doesn’t actually need a whole lot of interference from you. Perhaps at the earlier stages of tree growth it would be necessary for you could contribute a little more to its progression and health, but there’s no taking away from the fact that they’re simply better off being left to their own ways. Of course, it’s good for you to keep an eye on it so that you can judge whether or not the tree is healthy, but more often than not, it’s better if you just stay out of it!

Being able to recognise when something is wrong

Whilst we emphasise that you could leave a tree to grow naturally and avoid getting too involved, it’s always important to know how to recognise if something is wrong. Are there any signs that your tree is becoming unhealthy? Are there any problems in the way it is growing? Being able to recognise any common diseases offers another huge helping hand. If you spot these and reach out to tree surgeons to get it the right treatment, this can help the tree to stay healthy in the future and continue growing well.

Being in the right conditions

This is an essential factor in the life or a tree in order for it to stay healthy. One of the most important things is that it must have enough room to grow. It should be in a good area with sturdy ground and plenty of space for it to grow properly. Really, it’s important to look after the are the tree is in, as opposed to the tree itself.

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